The Flemish government has officially recognized Bosland as a national park, Environment Minister Zuhal Demir announced on Friday. However, the decision is still

under review by the Constitutional Court and the Council of State.

Last year, the Flemish government designated four national parks and five landscape parks in Flanders. The newly recognized national parks are Bosland, Brabantse Wouden, Hoge Kempen, and Scheldevallei.

Bosland, located in Limburg, had to meet several criteria before gaining recognition. These included demonstrating park unity and establishing a clear unique selling point. Both requirements have been satisfied, according to Minister Demir.

"Bosland National Park is not only home to wonderful animal species, it is also a great adventure forest for children," said Demir. "Bosland encompasses a unique natural core of more than 6,500 hectares and offers a lavish enjoyment of surprising nature that is a little different every day in the heart of North Limburg. It is also the home of 'Cycling through the Trees.'"

Despite this recognition, the Farmers' Union is challenging the designations at the Council of State, except for the Hoge Kempen. The decree itself is also being contested in the Constitutional Court. The organization argues that there is no public support for the new national parks. Photo by Paul Hermans at Dutch Wikipedia.