According to data from Informa D&B, 23,488 new companies were created by the end of May, marking a 2.9% decrease compared to the same period last year.


A healthcare worker walks from a dark room into a brightly lit hallway, clad in a turquoise plastic coverall and face mask. In 2022, 25% of employed women and 21% of employed men in


Why is the Princesses Universelle doll, born in the area of Charleroi, planning to settle in Kortrijk? This question was asked by many involved in the world of toys in 1932.


In a notable shift, Dutch supermarkets are increasingly favoring white eggs over brown ones. Peter van Horne, a poultry farming economist at Wageningen University, explains to the Telegraaf


73 universities in Türkiye have received official accreditation, as reported during the "International Quality Assurance and Accreditation Conference" organized by the Higher Education Quality


As the number of cars continues to surge, finding parking in front of apartment buildings becomes increasingly challenging, especially in Slovak towns


Despite facing high annual losses, Switzerland has seen a rise in the number of bee colonies over the past decade, according to new statistics. However, this increase in bee populations is

According to Forbes' annual World's Billionaires list, the past year has seen a remarkable surge in the global super-rich community. As of March 28, 2024, a record-breaking 2,781 billionaires


According to a report by the Financieele Dagblad, private investors in the Netherlands have sold significantly more rental homes to owner-occupiers than they have purchased.


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