On Thursday, the Belgian Presidency of the EU announced an agreement on the 14th set of sanctions against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.


To address Czechia's skilled labor shortage, the government has launched a new initiative to attract young talent from abroad.


Belgium experienced a record number of new start-ups in 2023, according to a report jointly published by entrepreneur associations Unizo and UCM, along with


Turkey has announced a significant trade policy shift by imposing a 40% additional tariff on vehicle imports from China. This move aims to protect Turkey's emerging


Consumers can expect to pay 3 to 5 percent more for a beer at a terrace or a sandwich at the station this year. This forecast comes from the FoodService Institute

KOF economists predict a recovery for the Swiss economy starting in the second half of this year. They forecast a 1.2% increase in sport-adjusted gross domestic product (GDP) for 2024


The Swiss Trade Union Federation announced on Friday that all workers who have completed an apprenticeship should earn at least CHF5,000 ($5,500) per month.


On Thursday, EU member states agreed to significantly increase tariffs on certain agricultural products from Russia and Belarus. The aim is to make imports so costly that they effectively


Home prices for existing owner-occupied properties in April were 7.5 percent higher compared to the same period last year, surpassing the previous peak set in


As part of the 2025-2028 plan for promoting education, research, and innovation, a Swiss parliamentary committee has proposed tripling the fees for foreign students at the