As the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approach, the chief of police in the French capital, Laurent Nunez, has identified Islamist terrorism as the primary security concern.

This statement was made on Friday amidst the country's highest security alert status, compounded by upcoming snap legislative elections at the end of June.

Recently, French authorities thwarted an attack on a sports stadium in another city, highlighting the persistent threat. Nunez emphasized this concern during a press conference held seven weeks before the Olympic opening ceremony on July 26, which will take place along the River Seine.

"There is no clear-cut threat yet against the Games and our country," Nunez noted. However, he pointed out that in late May, two individuals were arrested in Saint-Etienne for plotting an attack directly aimed at the Olympics.

He also mentioned that the terrorist threat is as significant as the protest threats from radical environmental groups, the ultra-left, and the pro-Palestinian movement. Last month, an 18-year-old Chechen man was detained in Saint-Etienne, suspected of planning an attack in the name of Islamic State at the city's soccer stadium during the Olympics.

With these heightened concerns, French authorities remain vigilant as they prepare for the international event. Photo by Anne Jea., Wikimedia commons.