A recent study by Visit Flanders and the Flemish provincial tourist organizations reveals that green regions are the most popular destination for short holidays in

Flanders, outpacing the coast and art cities.

The study shows that four in ten tourists, or approximately 3.7 million people annually, prefer the green regions for their short trips. In comparison, a quarter of tourists opt for the coast, and a third choose the art cities.

Walking emerges as the most popular holiday activity, followed by dining and recreational cycling. Other favored activities include visiting cultural-historical sites, resting, shopping, discovering local products, and experiencing nature.

Tourists in Flanders particularly appreciate the hospitality, accessibility, and natural beauty of the regions. Satisfaction rates are high, with 89% content with the region they stayed in and 86% pleased with their accommodations. On average, tourists spend 113 euros per night per person, contributing to a total turnover of €809 million for stay-over tourism in the Flemish regions.

The survey involved about 5,000 tourists staying in hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, or campsites (excluding holiday parks and youth hostels) between March 2023 and 2024. Additionally, around 550 accommodation operators participated in the study.

"Flanders has a lot of assets: we are hospitable, have beautiful nature, and a wealth of heritage," said Flemish tourism minister Zuhal Demir. "That these assets translate into satisfied and enthusiastic visitors is no surprise." Photo by Donar Reiskoffer, Wikimedia commons.