Sasha Filipenko has been awarded the 2024 Pro Litteris main prize, valued at CHF 40,000 ($44,900). This prestigious Swiss copyright society prize is given annually to

recognize exceptional achievements in literature and art.

Filipenko, born in Belarus and currently living in exile in Basel, was praised by Pro Litteris in their Thursday press release as "a valuable witness who contributes to the understanding of today’s geopolitical situation" and as a bridge builder. Born in 1984, Filipenko represents the significant community of writers in Switzerland who do not write in a national language, as his works are composed in Russian.

The press release also noted that the main prize recipient selects the recipient of the sponsorship prize, which is worth CHF 10,000. Filipenko has chosen Maud Mabillard, an author and translator born in Geneva in 1975, to receive this honor. Photo by Deniev Dagun, Wikimedia commons.