Belgian investigators executed a search of an assistant's office at the European Parliament on Wednesday morning as part of an inquiry into Russian

interference, reported De Tijd.

The action, confirmed by Belga, is a component of the judicial investigation into the news outlet Voice of Europe. The scrutiny of Voice of Europe intensified in March after Czech intelligence services disclosed the presence of a Moscow-funded network disseminating pro-Russian propaganda through the platform.

The network aimed to sway the European elections scheduled for June. Subsequent to this revelation, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced that the federal prosecutor of Belgium had initiated an inquiry into Russian interference within the European Parliament.

Allegations surfaced that Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) were remunerated to propagate pro-Russian narratives. Alongside the search of an MEP assistant's office, the investigating magistrate authorized a search of the assistant's residence in Schaerbeek. Additionally, investigators reportedly combed through the assistant's office in Strasbourg.

Voice of Europe, based in Prague, was utilized to dissuade the European Union from supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. According to the Czech intelligence service BIS, the network received funding from Moscow.

Several European politicians purportedly collaborated with the platform and received compensation from Russian sources, which were also utilized to finance campaigns for the forthcoming European elections.

Voice of Europe predominantly featured far-right politicians. Earlier this month, the European Union took the website offline and added it to the list of entities subject to European sanctions.