It was a sunny day in Madrid on June 19, 2014. After a tumultuous period for the Spanish Monarchy, change was imminent, although few believed it possible.

The institution seemed unyielding and resistant to transformation after disrupting the previous status quo. Early that morning, King Juan Carlos passed the band of Captain General of the Armed Forces to his son, who had officially become King Felipe as the clock struck midnight. The instrument of abdication had been signed on the evening of June 18, 2014, taking effect as the day passed into history, making way for a new chapter that would be forever remembered in Spain.

The first act of the new reign was a symbolic yet significant one: the presentation of the military sash by King Juan Carlos to King Felipe. This ceremony, held at the Casa de S.M. el Rey, marked the formal transfer of military authority from father to son.

The main event of the day took place later, as King Felipe swore his oath of loyalty to the country, the Spanish Constitution, and the parliamentary nature of the Spanish Monarchy. This solemn oath was taken in front of a joint session of Congress and the Senate, with his mother, Queen Sofía, watching proudly.

Following this official ceremony, King Felipe made a balcony appearance, a traditional gesture that symbolizes the monarch's connection to the people. Afterwards, a grand luncheon was held, attended by 2500 representatives from various sectors of Spanish society. Among the guests were government officials, business leaders, athletes, and entertainment personalities, reflecting the diverse fabric of the nation.

King Felipe VI inherited a throne at a time of significant challenges. His father's reign had seen the monarchy's reputation suffer due to scandals and controversies. However, Felipe's accession was viewed as an opportunity for renewal and reform. Over the past decade, he has worked tirelessly to restore faith in the monarchy, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and a commitment to serving all Spaniards.

As Spain looks back on the ten years of King Felipe VI's reign, it is clear that he has navigated through numerous crises with resilience and dedication. His approach has been one of modernization and adaptation, ensuring that the monarchy remains relevant in contemporary Spain. Through his actions, King Felipe has demonstrated that even an institution as steeped in tradition as the Spanish Monarchy can evolve and thrive in the face of adversity. Photo by Ministry of the Presidency Government of Spain, Wikimedia commons.