Thousands of people gathered in Brussels on Sunday afternoon to participate in a march against the far-right and racism, advocating for solidarity in social projects.

According to police estimates, approximately 4,500 individuals joined the demonstration.

The protest came in response to last week's election results, where the far-right Vlaams Belang received 22.7% of the vote in Flanders and 178 far-right MEPs were elected. Organizers expressed shock over these outcomes, describing it as a significant far-right breakthrough across Europe.

The initiative was led by the Antifascist Coordination of Belgium, aiming to send a clear message to future governments that they reject right-wing policies in Belgium. The increasing politicization by parties like N-VA and MR towards far-right ideologies was cited as a key motivating factor for mobilization.

Participants in the march included students, parents, and children, although the demonstration caused substantial disruptions to public transport. Additionally, the headquarters of Vlaams Belang were targeted during the protest, with incidents of anarchist graffiti, smoke bombs set off, and waste containers placed in front of the building. Photo by Ivan Radic, Wikimedia commons.