Multilingualism Day commences in Brussels, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the inner workings of the European Parliament, renowned as the world's

most multilingual legislative body.

Over the next two days, attendees will gain insights into the daily efforts of interpreters, translators, and other multilingual professionals who labor diligently within the European Parliament. Their mission is to ensure that citizens of the European Union can seamlessly engage with the work of their democratically elected representatives across all 24 official EU languages. This commitment to linguistic and cultural diversity stands as one of the EU's most treasured assets, firmly embedded in the organization's foundational treaties.

Multilingualism Day promises an immersive experience in understanding how this linguistic diversity operates in practice. On the first day, participants will engage in interactive workshops that provide a glimpse into the intricate world of interpretation and translation. The second day, hosted at the Visitor Centre in the Paul-Henri Spaak building, will feature a range of captivating multilingual activities designed to showcase the European Parliament's dedication to fostering linguistic diversity.