No one can argue that Europeans truly know how to throw a memorable party. But when it comes to finding the finest party destinations, where should enthusiasts turn their attention?

According to SAPO News, a comprehensive study conducted by Bounce has scrutinized European cities, factoring in elements such as safety ratings, the abundance of nightclubs and bars, as well as the average cost of a beer, to unveil the supreme party hotspots in Europe.

The coveted title of the best European party destination goes to Lisbon, securing the top spot with an impressive party rating of 7.34 out of 10. Following closely is Madrid, notching up a score of 6.67 out of 10, with Valencia coming in third at 6.58/10, Prague at fourth place with a solid 6.53/10, and Munich rounding off the top five with a respectable 6.26/10.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, exudes a vibrant atmosphere and an electrifying nightlife, boasting 59 clubs and 35 bars per 100 square kilometers. Among its celebrated nightlife venues are the opulent Duque da Rua and the lively Bar A Paródia. Lisbon also shines brightly in terms of the city's average beer prices, with a wallet-friendly rate of just $2.66 (£2.15 | €2.50) per beverage, ranking among the most budget-friendly in the cities under scrutiny. Photo by Jon Kristian Bernhardsen, Wikimedia commons.