73 universities in Türkiye have received official accreditation, as reported during the "International Quality Assurance and Accreditation Conference" organized by the Higher Education Quality

Board (YÖKAK) in Ankara. In his opening address, YÖK President Erol Özvar announced that nearly all universities in the country are expected to complete the accreditation process by 2027.

Themed "Internalizing and Improving Quality in Higher Education," the conference convened experts from Türkiye and abroad, along with representatives from national and international accreditation bodies, to explore advancements, innovations, and diverse perspectives on quality assurance in higher education. Hosted by Hacı Bayram Veli University, the event aimed to foster dialogue on the future of higher education.

Özvar underscored the involvement of 24 national and 13 international accreditation bodies authorized by YÖKAK to conduct accreditation processes. He expressed optimism about the increasing number of accredited programs within the higher education system.

Among the distinguished speakers was Doris Herrmann, Vice President of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA), who provided insights into ongoing updates to education standards in Europe and forthcoming discussions at the meeting of European education ministers in Tirana.

Academic Gözde Bozkurt, alongside Professor Volkan Öngel, Rector of Istanbul Beykent University, presented a paper titled "Complementary Map of Quality in Higher Education: Missing Data and Evaluation Strategies." They emphasized the importance of considering missing data for informed decision-making and strategic development in higher education institutions.

The conference also saw the presentation of accreditation certificates to university rectors who attained institutional accreditation. Istanbul Beykent University's Vice Rector, Kazım Sarı, received the accreditation certificates on behalf of the institution. Photo by Malate269, Wikimedia commons.