Despite concerns over inflation and escalating prices dampening consumer confidence, Swiss consumers embraced organic produce last year, driving sales to a record CHF4.08 billion

($4.46 billion). Organic farmers secured a significant retail market share of 11.6%, marking a 0.4 percentage point increase compared to the previous year, as announced by Bio Suisse, the leading organization representing organic agriculture in Switzerland.

This surge in organic sales reflects a growing trend towards environmentally-friendly and locally-sourced products. Despite economic challenges, consumers are increasingly prioritizing organic-certified options, contributing to the sustained growth of the organic market.

As of last year, Switzerland boasted 7,362 accredited organic farms, a modest increase of 21 from the previous year. Similarly, there was a slight uptick in the number of certified retailers and processing companies, with 48 new additions. In total, 1,356 license holders received organic certification by the end of the year, underscoring the continued commitment to organic principles within the Swiss agricultural sector.