Taking decisive action, Poland's Culture Minister Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz has announced the removal of the board of directors overseeing the reconstruction of the historic Saxon Palace,


On January 19, 2024, the Flemish Community successfully secured the acquisition of 'The Virgin of Consolation' by James Ensor for a sum of 3.75 million euros. Currently, the artwork is on


Brussels is set to debut a groundbreaking initiative this summer with the introduction of three electric carriages, marking a first in Europe, as reported by Bruzz.


The Port of Lisbon has reported unprecedented cruise activity in 2023, with over 700,000 passengers, marking a 54% increase compared to the previous year. This milestone surpassed the


Polish cinemas experienced a substantial growth in attendance in 2023, selling a total of 50.3 million tickets, marking a remarkable 16% increase compared to 2022. Industry estimates

A total of 46,300 remote pilots in Switzerland acquired certificates of competence for drones in the past year, according to an announcement by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) on


In the past year, museums across Brussels witnessed an impressive influx of visitors, totaling 4,980,000. This marks a staggering 20% surge from 2022 and a slight uptick compared to the

Portugal emerges as one of the highly sought-after tourist destinations globally, based on Google searches. Condé Nast Traveler attributes this popularity to various factors, including the

In a recent news conference, Director Andrzej Betlej proudly announced that Wawel Castle had achieved a milestone by welcoming a staggering 2,561,000 visitors this year, marking an all-time

Belgian tycoon Marc Coucke has proudly unveiled SnowWorld's latest addition: Belgium's maiden ski slope situated just outside Antwerp in Wilrijk. This marks the eighth establishment by