Last year, the Dutch purchased 369,791 new family cars, marking an increase of over 50,000 compared to 2022, as per data from motoring organizations Bovag, Rai Vereniging, and RDC.

Much of this surge can be attributed to delayed deliveries from the previous year.

Topping the charts as the most sought-after new car of the year was the Tesla Model Y, dethroning the Peugeot 208 with an impressive 13,758 sales. Following closely behind was the Kia Picanto with 10,530 sales, while the 208 secured 9,007 sales.

Securing the fourth position was the Volvo XC40, with 8,323 cars, while the Kia Niro, previously third in 2022, claimed the fifth spot with 7,412 sales.

Despite Volkswagen cars not making it into the top 5, the German brand remained the most popular overall, with nearly 35,000 cars sold, commanding a market share of 9.5%. Kia trailed as the second most popular brand, with Toyota following closely in third.

Introduced in the Netherlands in September 2022, the Tesla Model Y boasts a starting price of just under €46,000 for its basic edition. As an all-electric car, it currently enjoys exemption from road tax, although this exemption is slated to change in 2025. Photo by Benespit, Wikimedia commons.