The pace of job market expansion in Switzerland is showing signs of deceleration, with a notable decrease in job vacancies reported in the second quarter of 2024,

according to Swiss job placement firm Adecco.

The latest "Swiss Job Market Index," released on Wednesday, indicates an 8% decline in job vacancies compared to the previous quarter. This downturn underscores a trend where vacancies are approaching pre-pandemic levels and have dropped by 11% compared to the same period last year.

The decline has particularly impacted administrative roles such as secretaries and healthcare professionals like nurses. Demand for IT specialists in system administration, application programming, and database development has also seen a significant decrease, with positions falling by nearly 20% from the previous quarter.

However, there has been a positive development in vacancies for skilled workers in the construction sector, which saw a 10% increase.

Marcel Keller, Country Manager of the Adecco Group in Switzerland, highlighted a broader downward trend in job growth across all linguistic regions of the country. He noted an increase of over 17,000 unemployed individuals compared to the previous year.

Moreover, the number of companies experiencing difficulties in recruitment has decreased, posing challenges for job seekers trying to re-enter the workforce.

The findings indicate a shifting landscape in the Swiss job market, characterized by diminishing job opportunities across various sectors amidst a backdrop of economic recovery efforts. Photo by Phil Whitehouse, Wikimedia commons.