Military spending and education will continue to be the primary focuses of Lithuania’s 2025 state budget, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė announced.

"Next year’s budget will essentially mirror this year’s, with national security, defence, and education remaining clear priorities," the prime minister stated in an interview with Info TV on Thursday night.

Šimonytė emphasized that a significant portion of the 2025 state budget would be allocated to fulfilling government commitments, such as adjusting pensions to match inflation, increasing teachers’ salaries, and managing public debt.

"Many decisions regarding next year’s budget have already been made in principle. These include legal requirements, like pension indexing, and rising debt servicing costs," Šimonytė explained.

Last week, the cabinet approved nearly 32 million euros in additional education funding to raise teachers’ salaries starting in September, along with an additional 136 million euros for national defence.

When this year’s state budget was approved last year, it projected 16.98 billion euros in revenue and 20.6 billion euros in expenditure, with a spending deficit estimated at 3 percent of GDP. Photo by Rokasdarulis, Wikimedia commons.