The Wawel Castle museum in Kraków, situated in southern Poland, has reported a historic milestone with 1.98 million visitors in the current year. Museum director Andrzej

Nineteen serene zones have been established within Triglav National Park, aimed at safeguarding various wildlife, including the wild cockerel and the white-tailed ptarmigan,

Brussels, the vibrant capital of Belgium and the de facto capital of the European Union, is not only known for its rich history and diverse culture but also boasts a treasure


Copenhagen's mayor issued a plea on Monday, urging foreigners not to purchase marijuana in the city's Christiania neighborhood. The appeal comes in the wake of a fatal shooting two weeks


Flanders celebrates its annual Heritage Day, known as 'Open Monument Day,' every second Sunday in September. This year, as part of the 35th Heritage Day taking place on


On September 9, 2023, Belgian Beer World is set to unveil its extraordinary 12,000-square-meter establishment, destined to become the globe's most extensive interactive beer center.


Turismo de Portugal is set to increase its support for regional tourism entities by 20%, as announced by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce, and Services,

The inaugural Pride Leiden event attracted approximately 25,000 attendees, as announced by the municipality. Concerns about potential protests led to a brief imposition of an emergency


In the wake of a series of incidents involving tourists in Florence, Rome, and Milan, the Italian culture minister has pledged swift sanctions against the culprits.



In an exciting offer this September, a total of 21,000 one-euro cinema tickets for independent films will be up for grabs across 34 cinemas in both Brussels and Wallonia.