The Portuguese government has granted exclusive concession rights to Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa to operate a new Eurolottery, designed to discourage addictive gambling behavior.

Unlike traditional lotteries with a fixed lump sum prize, this lottery offers winners a monthly payout spanning several years. For instance, the first prize provides €20,000 per month for a duration of 30 years.

André Moz Caldas, the Secretary of State for the Presidency, emphasized that this lottery will be operated exclusively by Lisbon's Santa Casa da Misericórdia throughout the national territory. It was initiated at the European level as part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of Euromillions.

The executive decree specifies that this new lottery will be conducted in partnership with other European countries, and further details of its operation will be disclosed later.

Moz Caldas made it clear that the government's aim is to avoid any potential adverse effects on social behavior and reject the notion that the new game targets younger individuals.

He stated, "We are launching a game that does not offer an immediate prize, distinguishing it from games recently associated with addictive behaviors. What the government has approved is not necessarily geared toward younger populations."

The government believes that the new lottery could help combat the illegal lottery market, diversify the range of games, and modernize the offerings.

Named Eurodreams, this European lottery will involve more than eight European countries and aims to become the largest European lottery since the introduction of EuroMillions nearly 20 years ago.

Winners of this lottery will receive a monthly installment spread over several years, offering an alternative to the traditional lump-sum payout. For example, the first-prize winner will receive €20,000 each month for 30 years.

The inaugural Eurodreams draw is scheduled for November 6, with two draws per week planned: on Mondays and Thursdays in Portugal and eight other European countries where EuroMillions is played. Photo by Lionel Allorge, Wikimedia commons.