Torn from their parents, brought up in a convent then abandoned when the Belgian Congo gained independence.

Belgian police arrested several people on Saturday (Aug 8) after a brawl broke out on a beach between officers and youths they had told to leave for refusing to respect virus safety measures.

Cyprus decided Friday to welcome tourists from Britain, its largest market, from 1 August if that country’s coronavirus outbreak remains on a downward trend.

The EU cannot agree on a list of "safe countries" from where travellers could visit Europe in July, with some member states requiring more time to decide, diplomats said Saturday.

As some Brussels cafes reopened after almost three months of lockdown, thirsty Belgian drinkers were more than ready.

Forty-three people were detained by police in the Belgian capital on Saturday (April 11) when rioting broke out following a fatal accident between a police vehicle and

The Malian singer Rokia Traore has been arrested in France on a Belgian warrant for kidnapping in a child custody dispute with her ex-partner, her lawyer told AFP on Friday.

When a powerful earthquake struck Albania more than two months ago, buildings collapsed like houses of cards atop sleeping families.



We, like our readers, believe in magic since childhood. But, through the years, this beliefhas only been covered with layers of adult attitudes and everyday problems.

The first night train to set off for Belgium in 16 years departed from Vienna Sunday, carrying Austrian and European politicians who hope the new route can set an