Warsaw is making significant strides as one of Europe's most forested capitals, according to city officials. Magdalena Młochowska, a Warsaw City Hall official overseeing green spaces,


The Czech Republic continues to uphold its reputation as one of Europe's safest countries, despite a slight drop in its ranking compared to the previous year.

Amsterdam has made a significant announcement, acknowledging its historical involvement in the Holocaust by committing to repay €100,000. This repayment symbolizes the revenue

Recent statistics reveal a growing trend among foreign students and researchers choosing to stay and work in Belgium following their graduation or research tenure. State Secretary for Asylum


Over the past decade, Switzerland has seen a notable increase in urban areas, with the registration of three new urban zones and ten additional cities between 2010 and 2020.


In Flanders, the number of young individuals holding down a second job has reached unprecedented levels, marking a significant shift in the labor landscape.


The unveiling of the inaugural strategic blueprint for teaching Portuguese to foreigners marks a pivotal moment as it enters a phase of public consultation starting this Friday.

The gripping hostage situation that unfolded at the Apple Store in Amsterdam two years ago has been documented in a new film, "The Hostage Situation in the Apple


Researchers from the Universities of Zurich and Stockholm discovered that young people from less affluent families tend to have fewer friends compared to their wealthier peers, according to a

Housing leaders in major Dutch cities have once again urged interim housing minister Hugo de Jonge to take a firm stance against exorbitant rents charged for small apartments.