Curious about your neighbors? Photo: Depositphotos.com A recent study by the Dutch national statistics office CBS reveals that approximately 80% of Dutch citizens engage in regular contact


A cluster of medieval Jewish structures in Erfurt, Germany, received the prestigious World Heritage Site designation from a United Nations committee on Sunday.


On Car-Free Sunday, millions of people embraced the streets across numerous towns and cities in Belgium, utilizing various forms of non-motorized transportation, including

Portugal has once again claimed the title of the largest bicycle producer in the European Union for 2022, according to data released by Eurostat on Thursday.


The average individual in the Netherlands continues to discard 33.4 kilograms of food annually, as reported by the Together Against Food Waste Foundation.


Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark was graced with a spectacular assortment of jewels on her wedding day in 1962. In addition to the Prussian Tiara, bestowed by her


More than half of Dutch students continue to reside in their family homes, posing a challenge to their quest for independence, warns Kences, the student accommodation knowledge center.


The count of homeless children has reached an all-time high in France as a UNICEF survey reported 1,990 children without a proper place to stay at the end of the summer


As reported by officials, Zofia ranked as the most favored name for baby girls in Poland during the first half of this year, while Nikodem took the lead as the preferred choice


In a recent study conducted by Moving to Spain, Portugal has emerged as the top retirement haven in Europe. The comprehensive ranking evaluated countries based on a variety of factors