As part of the 2025-2028 plan for promoting education, research, and innovation, a Swiss parliamentary committee has proposed tripling the fees for foreign students at the

In March, Poland recorded an unemployment rate of 2.9%, the lowest among the 27-member European Union, as reported by the bloc's statistical agency.

Construction of potentially up to 470,000 homes in the Netherlands is in jeopardy, according to experts, due to a recent guideline issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water


The number of individuals in Belgium experiencing prolonged absence from work due to burnout or depression has surged by 43% over the past five years. By the conclusion of 2022,

Preliminary data released on Monday indicated that inflation increased in four key German states in April, hinting at a potential halt to the national downward trend and a slight rebound


Starting from May 1st, significant changes to labor migration regulations will come into play in Flanders. While some procedures will become more streamlined for specific profiles,

The Czech government is contemplating a significant change that could simplify the process for skilled professionals from select developed nations to secure employment in Czechia.


In response to a pivotal ruling last year allowing refugees to work more than 24 weeks, companies have flooded the state jobs agency UWV with over 1,500 requests for work permits this year,


As the European Union gears up for upcoming elections, Eurobarometer's latest findings shed light on a burgeoning interest among European citizens, driven in part by heightened geopolitical

German inflation has eased to its lowest level in almost three years, according to data released by the federal statistics office on Friday. In March, inflation in Europe's largest economy slowed