Renowned Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin, the creator of the imperial ideology embraced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has predicted a "Russian" future for


The European Commission has raised concerns over Estonia's planned car tax, citing its discriminatory nature against owners of vehicles purchased from other EU member states.


In a recent move, the Swiss People's Party has presented its initiative titled "No to 10 million Swiss! (sustainability initiative)" aimed at curbing immigration into Switzerland.

An initiative dubbed 'Europe' has been launched by Alliance Europe, aiming to fortify ties between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) as negotiations between Bern and Brussels


According to a recent IBRiS poll commissioned by the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita, a significant majority of Poles are against the idea of sending Polish and NATO soldiers to Ukraine.


The Indian government has expressed strong disapproval of comments made by German officials regarding the recent arrest of opposition leader Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal's arrest has sparked


The Swiss neutrality initiative, aimed at safeguarding Switzerland's long-standing policy of neutrality, is gaining traction as it approaches a crucial vote. Walter Wobmann, president of the


Speaking at the 80th anniversary celebration of the Council of Jewish Institutions of France (Crif), President Emmanuel Macron

Swiss police intervened to remove Austrian far-right figure Martin Sellner during a lecture in the canton of Aargau.


In a significant decision, the Swiss electorate has voted in favor of bolstering monthly payments for pensioners while rejecting a proposal to gradually raise the retirement age.