The Commission is allocating €25 million in humanitarian funding from its Solidarity Emergency Aid Reserve to fight hunger in Afghanistan. Urgent actions to save lives and livelihoods are


Negotiators of the European Parliament and EU Member States agreed this morning on the reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Developing Ukraine’s European integration is directly related not only to the government’s persistent efforts to move towards the EU’s standards of political and economic life but also to the

“EU leaders were right to cool down attempts to resume business as usual with Vladimir Putin”, stressed Sandra Kalniete MEP, Vice-Chairwoman of the EPP Group responsible for Foreign Affairs,

To be prepared for any large-scale wild fires this season, the European Commission has set up a strengthened European fleet of 11 firefighting planes and 6 helicopters hosted across Member

“After months of preparations, the Conference on the Future of Europe is finally starting its work! Our EPP Group team of 28 dedicated MEPs - 14 women and 14 men from all over Europe - is

“Five EU Member States share a border with two aggressive dictatorships - Belarus and Russia. President Biden, we expect that during your meeting with Mr Putin, you will reaffirm that any act

"When the leaders of the G7 countries meet this weekend, they should endorse the proposal for an international company tax deal, which was hammered out by the G7 Finance Ministers last

Economists  and  experts analysing  developments in Eastern European countries often refer to the  current  tax reform in Ukraine.

“The EPP Group has long called for an EU-wide mechanism that would monitor the state of the rule of law in the Member States in a balanced and non-discriminatory way”, said Lukas Mandl