Washington's top diplomat said Friday that 24 hours into a planned five-day pause in fighting between Turkish and Kurdish forces in northern Syria the situation was improving.

Bitterly divided EU leaders failed Friday to reach agreement on allowing Albania and North Macedonia to start talks to join the bloc, dealing a fresh blow to their membership hopes.

British and EU negotiators worked late into the night into Thursday in the hopes of presenting a last-minute Brexit deal to leaders meeting for a crunch European summit.

Brussels hopes to wake up to a Brexit breakthrough Wednesday as EU and British negotiators worked hard through the night on a draft agreement.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was to brief his ministers Sunday on progress in Britain's last-ditch efforts to strike a new Brexit agreement with the EU.

Britain and Europe's top Brexit negotiators sit down together Friday to test what British and Irish leaders say might be a "pathway" to a deal.

EU powers France, Germany and Italy, along with smaller member Malta, will on Tuesday seek to rally the rest of the European bloc to a joint scheme they have come up with

Former CIA director John Brennan raised questions Sunday about the stability of the United States under President Donald Trump, accusing him of corrupting the country's laws and institutions.

EU and UK officials are to resume talks Monday on Britain's plans for a managed Brexit after a weekend hiatus during which London was under pressure to revise its

A group of 66 African refugees and asylum-seekers arrived in Kigali late Thursday, the UN said, the first of what could be thousands relocated from Libya under a new