As of September 22, 2023, Flanders has experienced a significant decrease in the number of cafés, with a staggering 32.2% decline over the past ten years, as reported by De Standaard.


On September 19, 2023, St Bernardus Brewery, located in Watou, West Flanders, made a substantial investment of 14 million euros aimed at meeting global demand and enticing beer


On Monday, Flemish Minister President Jan Jambon will lead a delegation of 29 companies to Vietnam as part of a trade mission. The primary objectives of the visit are to



Poland is actively seeking an extension of the European Union's ban on Ukrainian grain imports beyond the current deadline of September 15. Additionally, Poland is proposing that the EU

Belgium is poised to claim the title of Europe's top pear producer this year, as the nation anticipates its most abundant pear harvest ever, marking a 19 percent increase, equivalent to 412,000


A surge in reported cases of undelivered Bpost parcels has raised concerns as instances of theft by couriers come to light, according to Het Laatste Nieuws. Sources, corroborated by Flemish


In 2022, forestry exports in Portugal reached an all-time high of 7.1 billion euros, marking the second consecutive year of growth, according to a statement by


The French government has committed €200 million (£171.6 million) to address the challenges posed by falling wine demand, including overproduction and changing


Heineken, the prominent Dutch brewing company, has finalized its departure from the Russian market by transferring its operations there to the Russian industrial


As the effects of climate change continue to reshape traditional winemaking regions, Swedish wineries are emerging as unexpected contenders in the global wine scene.