Parliament wants to boost sustainability by promoting reuse and repairs and by tackling practices that shorten the lifespan of products.


The EPP Group wants consumer products containing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and 3D printing to be safe. The existing product safety

New rules for European companies to ensure this were agreed today by negotiators of the European Parliament, EU Member States and the European Commission.


The start of studies in higher educational institutions in Europe took place in rather difficult conditions this year. Many large universities introduced their distance learning procedures. In this


The EPP Group calls for an ambitious overhaul of European rules for digital services to make EU a digital global leader. 

The European Commission launched an "in-depth investigation" on Tuesday into whether US tech giant Google's planned $2.1 billion purchase of smartwatch maker Fitbit would give it an unfair

Police said Thursday they had arrested more than 800 people across Europe after shutting down an encrypted phone network used by organised crime groups to plot murders and drug deals.

The social media phenomenon TikTok joined the EU's code of conduct on Monday as tech giants seek to persuade Europe to back away from setting laws against hate speech and


The EU's powerful antitrust authority opened a series of cases against Apple on Tuesday, including one brought by Spotify alleging the iPhone maker makes unfair use of its app store.

In a normal year, Easter is boom time for Belgium's famed chocolatiers, churning out eggs, bunnies and gift boxes for tourists and locals alike.