In a significant move, the South Korean government has committed to providing Ghent University (UGent) with 5 million euros to establish a maritime research center in the bustling port city of

There are more tanks on their way to Ukraine from Denmark. Another 45 tanks are being purchased and donated to Ukraine, according to Defense Minister Troels Lund


Poland is embarking on a significant rail infrastructure transformation outlined in its updated National Rail Programme, with a keen focus on electrification, modernization,


The Walloon government has committed an investment of over 250,000 euros into the Belgian startup iTraceiT, the innovator behind a digital diamond passport. This infusion of additional

As temperatures surge once more, recent data highlights that the vast majority of residences in Portugal lack adequate preparations for heatwaves.


Sweden's government is unveiling a proposal to eliminate the cap on new nuclear plants, aiming to build 10 additional nuclear reactors by the late 2040s, according to the climate minister.


Internet usage among individuals aged 65 and above in Switzerland has witnessed a notable increase over the past couple of years, as indicated by a nationwide survey on online media

Brussels has secured its position as one of Europe's leading regions in terms of innovation, according to the European Innovation Scoreboard 2023. Innoviris, the institute responsible for


In a groundbreaking shift, fully-electric passenger cars have outsold diesel cars in the European Union (EU) for the first time. According to data released by the manufacturers' association ACEA


Brussels is set to begin the distribution of 5G signals from September as the necessary legislative work has been completed, according to reports from De Tijd and L'Echo on Saturday.