This year's Dutch Eurovision performance. Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett EBU A record-breaking 600-plus entries from the Netherlands have been submitted to the Avrotros selection committee

for consideration in next year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo.

The submission deadline closed over the weekend, with the majority of entries being English-language songs, as confirmed by Avrotros. Approximately 100 submissions are in Dutch, but there are also entries featuring lyrics in French, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, and Italian.

The selection committee will now meticulously review all 600 entries and select a winner before the end of the year.

Last year's Dutch entry by newcomers Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper faced challenges and did not progress beyond the semi-finals, despite undergoing last-minute revisions just days before the contest.

These challenges prompted Avrotros to expand the selection committee and accept entries without designated artists. However, they have once again declined calls for a national song contest.

The Netherlands' most recent Eurovision victory occurred in 2019 when Duncan Laurence secured the top spot with his song "Arcade."

Next year's Eurovision semi-finals are scheduled for May 7 and 9, with the grand final set for May 11. Photo by Alina Vozna, Wikimedia commons.