Amsterdam's prestigious Michelin-starred dining establishment, Bougainville, nestled on Dam Square, has claimed the title of the world's best restaurant in Tripadvisor's prestigious awards.

Owner Eric Toren expressed immense pride in this remarkable achievement when speaking to NL Times.

This historic win marks the very first instance of a Dutch restaurant securing the coveted top position in Tripadvisor's Best of the Best rankings, part of their revered Travellers' Choice Awards. This accolade is exclusively bestowed upon dining venues that have garnered a substantial volume of outstanding reviews on Tripadvisor over the course of a year. Fewer than 1 percent of Tripadvisor's vast eight million listings ever attain this esteemed distinction, and reviews spanning from June 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023, were meticulously evaluated to determine the rankings.

Bougainville, situated within the luxurious Hotel TwentySeven on Dam Square, initially opened its doors in 2017. By 2018, it had already earned a Michelin star, a testament to its fusion of innovative culinary techniques with traditional dishes, drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of European influences.

After securing the 13th position in Europe's rankings last year, Bougainville has now ascended to the top global position this year. Owner Eric Toren shared his surprise at the news with NL Times, stating, "I found out about it in the Daily Mail! It's truly something we can take immense pride in. This accolade not only honors the restaurant but also the dedicated staff. It's a monumental team effort, involving every facet, from the kitchen to reception, bar staff, and even our diligent restroom attendants."

Toren emphasized that TripAdvisor reviews primarily concentrate on the overall dining experience, remarking, "Even Febo can receive a perfect 10 on TripAdvisor. We distinguish ourselves not only through the quality of our cuisine but, most importantly, through the unparalleled dining experience we provide."

While relishing this extraordinary recognition, Toren acknowledged the heightened expectations it brings. He noted, "While it's undeniably fantastic, it also means that people will come with even higher expectations, and some may have unrealistically high standards merely because they heard 'best in the world.' However, everyone's tastes vary. So now, we need to determine how best to manage these heightened expectations."

This prestigious award has already made a tangible impact on reservations at Bougainville. Toren humorously shared, "We were already fully booked on most days, typically receiving 10 to 20 reservations daily. But today, we received over 100 reservations! Unfortunately, I can't magically add more chairs or tables to the restaurant," he added with a laugh. Photo by Eriksw at nl.wikipedia, Wikimedia commons.