An initiative dubbed 'Europe' has been launched by Alliance Europe, aiming to fortify ties between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) as negotiations between Bern and Brussels


Proposing that Swiss-EU relations be enshrined in the constitution, the initiative seeks to foster active participation in European cooperation. According to Alliance Europe, this move would empower Switzerland to make fundamental decisions regarding its relationship with Europe. The initiative has until October 2, 2025, to garner the requisite 100,000 signatures.

"We are amplifying the voice of the silent majority who advocate for closer collaboration between Switzerland and Europe to address pressing issues such as the climate crisis, the conflict in Ukraine, and other geopolitical tensions," remarked Sanija Ameti, co-president of Operation Libero, as cited in the release.

The 'Europe' initiative signifies civil society's endorsement of ongoing negotiations between Switzerland and the EU during a pivotal juncture.