According to a recent IBRiS poll commissioned by the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita, a significant majority of Poles are against the idea of sending Polish and NATO soldiers to Ukraine.

The survey reveals that 74.8 percent of respondents oppose such a move, while only 10.2 percent are in favor, with 15 percent undecided.

Despite the widespread opposition to deploying troops to Ukraine, the poll indicates a willingness among Poles to engage in discussions with NATO and Ukraine regarding the establishment of air defense systems near the border. Specifically, respondents support measures aimed at intercepting Russian missiles or drones targeting Poland.

"In addition to the resistance against sending troops to Ukraine, the survey underscores a readiness to enter into dialogue with NATO and Ukraine to bolster border security," the report stated.

Another IBRiS survey conducted at the end of February found that 69.3 percent of respondents favored initiating discussions on air defense measures near the border, while 17.6 percent opposed the idea, and 13.1 percent had no opinion. Photo by Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Wikimedia commons.