In a recent move, the Swiss People's Party has presented its initiative titled "No to 10 million Swiss! (sustainability initiative)" aimed at curbing immigration into Switzerland.

On Wednesday, the party submitted 114,600 signatures to the federal chancellery in Bern, calling for the inclusion of a new article on "sustainable population development" in the constitution.

The initiative outlines a cap of ten million permanent residents by 2050, after which the government would establish limits based on birth rates. If the population reaches 9.5 million before 2050, it would trigger action from the Federal Council and Parliament.

Key provisions include restricting permanent residence permits for temporarily admitted individuals and tightening regulations on family reunification. Additionally, international agreements would be subject to renegotiation, with the possibility of canceling the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons with the European Union if necessary.

The Swiss People's Party asserts that the widespread support for the initiative reflects a pressing demand from the population for sustainable and autonomously managed immigration policies.

Marcel Dettling, the newly elected party president succeeding Marco Chiesa, emphasized the initiative's goal of reestablishing independent control over immigration. He stressed the need for managed immigration that serves the interests of Switzerland and its citizens, criticizing the current influx of immigrants as excessive and undesirable. Photo by Milkintheface, Wikimedia commons.