In an exciting first, Switzerland is set to host the prestigious European Film Awards at the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre. The announcement marks a significant

milestone for the country's burgeoning film industry, positioning it as a vibrant hub of cinematic creativity within Europe.

The Federal Office of Culture hailed the decision, emphasizing Switzerland's emergence as a dynamic force in European filmmaking. Scheduled for 2024, the event promises to be a highlight of the cinematic calendar, further underscored by Switzerland's upcoming role as the guest of honor at the Cannes film market in May.

The festivities, slated to commence in spring, will cater to both the public and the Swiss film industry, with a diverse program currently in the works.

In addition to the main event, the Cinémathèque suisse will curate a special screening series featuring past European Film Awards winners. Meanwhile, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) will dedicate a month-long broadcast schedule to Swiss and European films recognized by the awards, airing on its channels and streaming platform, Play Suisse. Furthermore, the ceremony itself will be broadcast live across Europe in collaboration with the SBC.

Since their inception in 1988, the European Film Awards have served as a vital platform for promoting and nurturing European cinema. Traditionally held in Berlin or other European cities, the awards celebrate excellence in filmmaking across the continent.

Switzerland boasts a rich history with the awards, having received accolades such as Claude Barras' win for "Ma vie de courgette" (My Life as a Courgette) in 2016, and a Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed upon Swiss actor Bruno Ganz in 2010. Photo by Photones, Wikimedia commons.