The annual art and antiques extravaganza, TEFAF in Maastricht, will feature a coveted piece by Vincent van Gogh next month. The painting, titled “Tête de paysanne à

la coiffe blanche” or "Head of an old farmer’s wife with a white hat," will be presented by the esteemed American gallery M.S. Rau from New Orleans. While the gallery has remained discreet about the asking price, the allure of this masterpiece is undeniable.

Painted around 1884 during his residency in Nuenen, the artwork measures 63 by 48 centimeters and is rendered in oil paint on canvas. M.S. Rau lauds it as a captivating representation of Van Gogh's early portraiture prowess, showcasing his remarkable ability to capture both the physical likeness and inner essence of his subjects.

The gallery underscores the significance of Van Gogh's time in Nuenen, noting that it marked a crucial juncture in his career. During this period, he delved into his roots, honed his artistic vision, and crafted some of the most iconic works in his illustrious repertoire. Notably, the renowned painting "The Potato Eaters" (1885) also hails from this transformative phase.

TEFAF, scheduled from March 9 to 14, promises a spectacular showcase of artistic splendor. With over 270 exhibitors from 22 countries presenting an array of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, and more, the event is set to captivate art enthusiasts from around the globe. Photo by Private Collection, Wikimedia commons.