In a bid to encourage jogging and improve the quality of public spaces, Brussels has unveiled its new "be running" strategy. Developed by perspective.brussels, the initiative provides practical

guidelines and dedicated running routes, with the aim of transforming Brussels into a city that caters to the needs of runners.

According to a study conducted by visit.brussels, over 20% of sports enthusiasts in Brussels engage in running. The popularity of running has grown significantly during the pandemic due to its positive impact on well-being. Brussels' new strategy combines urban planning, mobility, and sports to accommodate pedestrians of varying speeds, aligning with the city's overall mobility objectives.

As part of the program, a map will be created to connect parks through designated running routes. Additionally, a guide will be developed for regional institutions involved in public space design. This guide will be based on the experiences of joggers in the area, enabling institutions to optimize public spaces to better suit the needs of runners.

The running routes will be launched on the sport.brussels platform, while the recommendations from the guide will be integrated into future projects. Brussels aims to set an example as a runner-friendly city, showcasing the importance of optimizing public spaces and promoting active lifestyles. Photo by Martins Zemlickis mzemlickis, Wikimedia commons.