Germany, France, and Italy have found common ground on certain aspects of proposed AI regulation within the European Union, potentially advancing negotiations across the EU. A joint

document seen by Reuters indicates that these nations have aligned on regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence, a development expected to expedite talks at the EU level.

The agreement advocates for voluntary yet binding commitments applicable to both large and small AI providers in the EU. While negotiations between the European Commission, Parliament, and Council continue to shape the bloc's stance, these nations' accord marks a significant stride.

The EU Parliament introduced the AI Act in June, aiming to mitigate AI risks, prevent discriminatory outcomes, and harness AI's innovative potential. However, discussions faced hurdles, notably concerning foundational models, leading to a deadlock between MEPs and member state representatives recently.

Initially, the European Parliament suggested binding the code of conduct solely for major AI providers, primarily from the US. France, Germany, and Italy, among other influential member states, opposed this, fearing it might impair trust in smaller European providers.

The joint paper advocates for universally binding rules on conduct and transparency for all AI entities within the EU. Initially, no sanctions are proposed, but a potential system for violations' identification and penalties might follow.

The envisioned approach emphasizes monitoring AI compliance by a future European authority. Germany's Economy Ministry echoed the sentiment, highlighting the importance of regulating AI applications rather than the technology itself.

Volker Wissing, Minister of Digital Affairs, stressed the need to regulate AI applications rather than the technology to maintain competitiveness in the global AI landscape.

Franziska Brantner, State Secretary for Economic Affairs, highlighted the need for a balanced approach to seize AI opportunities while minimizing risks.

As global interest in AI intensifies, the UK recently hosted its inaugural AI safety summit. In Germany, discussions around AI will feature prominently during the digital summit in Jena, followed by talks between the German and Italian governments in Berlin, underscoring the significance of AI in shaping future policies across borders. Photo by mikemacmarketing, Wikimedia commons.