The Belgian federal government has officially incorporated a European directive into its national legislation, which will necessitate the implementation of a common charger for all mobile phones

starting in 2024, as confirmed by the Telecommunications Minister, Petra De Sutter.

The European Parliament had already endorsed the establishment of a universal charger for smartphones and other compact electronic gadgets in the previous year. As of the end of 2024, these devices must feature a USB-C port. Consumers will have the option to decide whether they wish to purchase a new charger alongside their device.

The Belgian government has ratified an amendment to its laws to enact this regulation, with it taking effect in the coming year. This legislation also extends to encompass devices like digital cameras, headphones, portable speakers, e-readers, and tablets. In the case of laptops, compliance with a universal charger will become obligatory from 2026, according to Minister De Sutter. Photo by Syced, Wikimedia commons.