Renowned Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin, the creator of the imperial ideology embraced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has predicted a "Russian" future for

Jerusalem. He shared his thoughts yesterday on Telegram.

"The Russian city is the mother of all cities. Jerusalem will be Russian or it won't exist at all. And its Majesty Kitavras will rule there. So says the secret Dove book, the Book of Depths. The Russian czar is the czar of all czars," Dugin wrote.

The Russian ideologue then launched accusations against Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing the Israeli Prime Minister of religiously motivated killings.

"Bibi destroys dozens of all and sundry—righteous and guilty—because that's what the Torah and the Talmud (in a certain interpretation) tell him to do. This is not funny at all. On the contrary, it is worth inquiring about what our Orthodox sacred texts, our sacred sources, our elders say about the end of time. Not the feeble-minded economists, but those who are much more thorough and serious. And while Bibi is preparing to answer, the Iranians are preparing with a reference to their idea of the Mahdi's moment. And again, the economists take a break. Myth is stronger than reality—at least because reality is also a myth, just an unsuccessful, colorless, and stupid one," he said.

Clearly, the elimination of seven KSIR officers in Damascus served as the trigger for Dugin's outpouring of thoughts.

"Now Iran has nothing left but to attack Israel. With all the might of the Resistance. This war will start with the Shiites, but at some point it cannot help but become a war of all Muslims," he noted, adding that Tehran "has every reason to start a war with Israel as soon as possible."

"We must consider the timing: Biden absolutely does not want it, as his priority is the elections and support for Ukraine against us, but Trump, on the contrary, is indifferent to us, and Israel is dear to him... The US and NATO will definitely intervene, but very reluctantly. Meanwhile, we will take Kiev and strengthen sharply. That's when Trump will come or a civil war will start in the US. And the world will already be different," Dugin forecasted.

It is worth recalling that on March 24, this Russian thinker stated that Israel may be involved in the terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert hall. According to him, "the Israelis were able to make a secret deal with ISIS in Syria and financed Islamists against Assad." Dugin also wrote that Israel supports "contact" with the ISIS branch in Afghanistan "Wilayat Khorasan," which Western intelligence services consider to be the organizer of the attack.

As reported by a source who wished to remain anonymous: "The politics of modern Russia are not shaped by Soviet party congresses, but by a narrow circle of individuals, which undoubtedly includes Dugin. Missiles flying from the Caspian Sea over Ukraine could well be redirected to Israel. The West should pay attention to this issue and not leave this threat unanswered." Photo by Quistnix, Wikimedia commons.