Croatia experienced a significant increase in apple production in 2023, with preliminary data from the national statistical office (DZS) revealing a nearly 40% rise to 66,510 tonnes

compared to 2022.

Among vegetables, fruits, and grapes, apples saw the most substantial production increase in 2023, totaling 18,718 tonnes. Additionally, mandarin production rose by 1,482 tonnes, and hazelnuts by 416 tonnes. Other vegetable productions also saw upticks: cabbage (white and red) by 3,681 tonnes, onions and garlic by 3,159 tonnes, watermelons by 2,158 tonnes, melons by 1,903 tonnes, lettuce by 916 tonnes, cauliflower and broccoli by 808 tonnes, green beans by 763 tonnes, beetroots by 753 tonnes, and green peas by 748 tonnes.

However, there were declines in plum production, which decreased by 41.7% to 6,610 tonnes, and sour cherries, down 27% to 4,718 tonnes. Strawberries also saw a decrease of 24.8% in production.

Other fruits that experienced declines included pears, peaches and nectarines, sweet cherries, walnuts, apricots, and figs. Similarly, vegetable productions like tomatoes, cucumbers and gherkins, carrots, red peppers, capsicum, and leeks also declined.

Moreover, olive production decreased by 25.6% to 29,844 tonnes, while grape production contracted by 19.4% to 94,683 tonnes. Photo by Silverije, Wikimedia commons.