On Monday, protesters from trade unions blocked the entrance to the Louvre museum in Paris, frustrating visitors. The protesters were demonstrating peacefully against President Emmanuel

Macron's plan to increase the French retirement age without a final vote in parliament, which would require most French to work an additional two years to 64 to balance the pension budget. One banner read "Retire at 60 - work less to live longer."

While only a small number of protesters gathered at the foot of the Louvre's glass pyramid, a queue of disappointed tourists snaked through the courtyard. Samuel, a Mexican tourist who did not give his surname, expressed his frustration, saying "This is ridiculous, we come from everywhere in the world with our children to visit a museum and it’s ridiculous that 20 people are blocking the entrance."

Jane, a visitor from London, sympathized with the protesters but also expressed disappointment, saying "I really understand where they're coming from, and it's fair enough. But we all would like to go and see 'Mona Lisa', but never mind."

Even employees of the Louvre joined the protest outside the museum. A Louvre tour guide came out to address the visitors, saying "We hope you understand our reasons."

This protest occurred one day before the 10th round of nationwide strikes and street marches, which have already led to violence in cities across France over the pension system changes. Additionally, Paris police said they were conducting an operation to prevent unauthorized gatherings in front of the Centre Pompidou, another landmark museum in Paris.

President Macron's plan to increase the French retirement age has been met with widespread opposition and protests from trade unions and citizens alike. The plan has yet to receive a final vote in parliament, but if passed, it would require most French citizens to work two additional years to balance the pension budget.

The protesters argue that retirement should be available at age 60 so that people can work less and live longer. However, critics argue that the French pension system is in dire need of reform, as the country faces an aging population and increasing life expectancy.

The protests have been ongoing for several months and have included widespread strikes and demonstrations, as well as occasional violence. The protests have disrupted transportation, schools, and other public services, causing inconvenience for many French citizens.

The Louvre museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. The museum is home to many famous works of art, including the "Mona Lisa." Photo by Ali Sabbagh, Wikimedia commons.