Once again, about ten young people caused trouble at the train station in Denderleeuw yesterday evening. The mayor is now considering imposing a ban on the troublemakers.

The disturbance at the Denderleeuw train station continues. Yesterday evening, about ten young people caused problems again by throwing traffic signs, among other things. The police were called to the scene.

Mayor Jo Fonck (LvB) admits that the problems in the station area are not being resolved. "These are problems that normally occur mainly in cities," he says. "But they are increasingly occurring in our municipality. Therefore, we must tackle and solve urban problems with the means of a municipality. This is difficult. Furthermore, our police are facing a personnel shortage. It even goes so far that we sometimes have to rely on federal police."

Ban The mayor is now considering additional measures in the station area. Last October, he already issued a special mayoral decree. This allowed the police to conduct systematic identity checks at the Denderleeuw train station for a month. And it worked, as the area became peaceful again. However, there is now again trouble, and therefore, the mayor is considering additional measures. "As soon as I receive the police report on the problems from yesterday evening, I will consider what additional measures we can take. For example, I am thinking of a ban on the troublemakers that the police were able to identify."