In an interview with US broadcaster CNN on Sunday, Foreign Minister Sikorski revealed Poland's intention to significantly increase its defence expenditure.

Sikorski stated that Poland aims to allocate "close to 4 percent of GDP" to defence spending, with the possibility of doubling this budget if faced with a genuine threat from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Asserting Poland's commitment to sovereignty, Sikorski emphasized, "We will not be a Russian colony again."

Regarding NATO, Sikorski underscored the alliance's mutual responsibilities, emphasizing that it is more than a mere security arrangement where payment guarantees protection. He highlighted the significance of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, emphasizing NATO's collective response, citing examples of Polish military engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq in support of US-led efforts.

Addressing former US President Donald Trump's remarks on NATO spending, Sikorski expressed hope that Trump's statements were more stylistic than substantive, reiterating Poland's consistent commitment to meeting defence expenditure targets.

Sikorski emphasized Poland's long-standing dedication to defence spending, having maintained the 2 percent GDP threshold for 15 years and now surpassing it to reach approximately 3 percent, with plans to escalate to nearly 4 percent if necessary.

In light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Sikorski's comments underscore Poland's determination to bolster its defence capabilities to counter potential threats in the region. Photo by Martin Lahousse, Wikimedia commons.