“As the global competitive landscape continues to change rapidly, we need to adapt our competition framework and keep pace”, said Tom Berendsen, MEP. European Parliament's Committee

on Industry, Research and Energy votes today on a Report which lays out Parliament's demands for the strategy. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, said: “Europe's industry is the motor of growth and prosperity in Europe. And it is at its best when it draws on what makes it strong: its people and their ideas, talents, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit. This is more important than ever as Europe embarks on its ambitious green and digital transitions in a more unsettled and unpredictable world. Europe's industry has everything it takes to lead the way and we will do everything we can to support it.”

"Our companies are the engines of job creation and sustainable solutions for both the energy and the digital transitions. The industrial strategy must foster our strategic autonomy. Otherwise, the EU risks becoming too dependent on other parts of the world for many vital products, such as batteries, microelectronics and raw materials for the production of wind turbines, among other things”, added Berendsen, EPP Group's negotiator of the EU's new Industrial Strategy.

"We must take action to strengthen the position of the EU in key strategic value chains, especially those that contribute to the energy and digital transition. The rest of the world won’t wait for the EU. We shouldn't wait either to shape our own future", concluded Berendsen.

EU Morning Post correspondent

Photo by Karen Eliot, Wikimedia commons