"Today’s decision by the European Court of Justice is an embarrassment for the Commission and a major blow to Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager. This is not the first high-profile

competition decision that has been overturned by a court. Sometimes, the Commissioner for Competition would be well advised to restrain her eagerness for catchy political headlines and instead prepare her cases more thoroughly so that they can hold up in a court of law. High-profile decisions like these being overturned is a major disservice to the cause of tax justice”, said Markus Ferber MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Economic Affairs, after today's verdict by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that went against the Commission's claim that Amazon had to pay back €250 million in what the Commission considered illegal tax benefits.

"This decision by the ECJ shows that tax matters are of topical dimension for European integration. Tax competition within the Single Market must be fair and these cases show that we have to adapt our business taxation models across Europe. The European Union can be the perfect platform to do this, respecting national competences and tax sovereignty, but increasing cooperation and dialogue”, said Lídia Pereira MEP, EPP Group Spokeswoman in the subcommittee on tax matters.

Photo by Álvaro Ibáñez, Wikimedia.