The EPP Group wants a Transatlantic Political Council for regular consultation and coordination on foreign and security policy between the EU and the US. Such a Council should be led jointly by

the High Representative of the EU and the US Secretary of State.

“The European Union and the United States of America share a unique bond based on common values, principles and interests. At the EU-US Summit in June this year, the leaders of the two blocs called for a strong transatlantic partnership. But over the last few weeks, we have seen some reality checks that have tested our relations in matters of foreign affairs, security and trade”, said Željana Zovko MEP, who spearheaded the Report on EU-US relations on behalf of the EPP Group. The Report will be voted on today.

“We are proposing the Transatlantic Political Council as a platform to improve our communication channels and to avoid unnecessary tensions. We need a middle way between European strategic autonomy and the total reliance on our transatlantic partners. In search of that, we need to grow together into a new relation that will be more beneficial for our mutual peace and security missions. Let this relationship grow based on good communication and coordination as the anchors of stability in this volatile world”, stressed Zovko. Photo by Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia commons.